Lets set this baby up.

Drag and drop Install. No databases here...We gotch u.

  • JSON text file based, e.g. database-less.
  • Drag-and-Drop everything.
  • Videos, Sounds! Sondcloud, Youtube, and Vimeo Support
  • Multi-user support
  • Multiple backend support
  • Frunt. Our front-end toolkit to make menus,slideshows, and more.
Requirements (For admin panel):
  • Server-side: Server with PHP 5.3 or newer
  • Client-side: A Modern Browser (>IE8,Chrome,Safari,Firefox,etc)

1. Upload CMCM to your server.
After downloading CMCM, unzip it and upload to your server. There's a variety of methods you can use, but we use FTP (Fetch Mac OS X) in this case. If you don't have hosting and don't feel like paying for a shared hosting plan, just google 'free hosting' and they're plenty of options.

If you downloaded cmcm with a template,remember to move all the files in the zip!

2. Point your browser to the cmcm directory
If my site is site.com and I dragged the folder to the root, I would point my browser to site.com/cmcm. This will initiate the setup mode for passwords and all that jazz. You can rename the cmcm folder if you like.
3. Login and Enjoy <3
Blam you're done. Anytime you return to this url, site.com/cmcm, it will now ask you to login (or just let you in, if you disabled pw protection). Enjoy cmcm.
Hey Lets Add a Project!

Simple, painless, and pretty.

1. Click on Add Projects
Here you'll find the basic form for a new project and an add media section. We can extend to have more attributes, check the templates section out.
2. Upload photos
Images can be dragged into the browser or by clicking the + sign. Hovering over an image, will give you options like adding captions, making it the cover image, or deleting it. Piece of cake :3
3. Embed External Videos and Sounds*
What about sounds and videos? We got you covered! Embed youtube, soundcloud, and vimeo links by holding down the + sign and pasting in valid URLs.

*This feature is in beta and also cURL is needed in order to grab thumbs from external websites, so if your host doesn't have it..you'll have to update the thumbs manually.

Extending your project data with templates.

Dude, this aint no blog engine. We're key-value based, meaning you can have as many fields/attributes as you like :3

1. Man! I want more form fields.
Yo I got you. That's why we have our edit template's page. Here we can extend (or reduce) the amount of fields that each project or media has. If you're a photographer vs. architect vs. web designer vs. artist....you're gonna want different data attributes for your archive.
2. Adding extra form fields.
This ain't your grandma's blog engine. We go beyond description,title, and tags. With cmcm we can add unlimited additional fields..(we call 'em attributes)..by clicking the + sign on the templates page. You can add additional fields to projects, but also to individual media objects.

These attributes can have a type parameter, which renders/validates differently depending on your selection

Here we add a featured boolean (on or off toggle) for projects, and a medium (type of visual, dropdown) to the media. Dope, no?

3. The result!
Yo peep that project we added before. We now have a 'featured' checkbox, and for each media item, there is now an option to classify if it's a render,collage,or photo.
Manage your projects.

Command control! Manage your projects at a global level. Hide, Sort Delete, Change Attributes..the world (or your site at least) is yours!

1. Move, Hide, Delete
Your main page..aka..manage projects..allows you to move projects, hide, and delete them. You can also switch between grid (visual) and list mode.
2. Sort by your attributes.
Most attribute fields that you have (or extend) can be used to sort your projects. Maybe you want to sort by year, type, scale...i dunno..but you can do it. Here we sort by Year.
3. Change attributes my draggin em'
Sorting is one thing? But maybe you wanna visually change attributes by dragging them into your now sorted groups? yah dude, possible. Here we sort by "type of project". And drag one from "product design" to "installation". CMCM automatically makes the change.
Multiple Users. Multiple Backend Support.

Hey yeah! There's the configuration section! You can edit global data like the title,subtitle, description of your backend..as well as manage users..and load, save, back up different backends !! woohoo!

1. Config away!
Welcome to the config page. the everything else and then some of cmcm. Add users, New backends, Edit Global stuff, etc.
2. Multiple Users.
Dynamic websites are more fun when you have friends <3.
3. Multiple Backends
You wanna blog? You wanna portfolio? You want 25 more backends? go at it..we support it. New, Save As, Load--all available.
Front end? Meet .

You get the backend now, right? Time to design the front for your wonderful visitors! We provide frunt, a boostrapish toolkit of functions and widgets to produce quck slideshows, menus, and other components on the fly. Check out the specific in the docs, or start by just using one of our web templates.

Currently the Frunt SDK is available in PHP and JS. View the widget demo gallery.

Use Frunt widgets like menus, enlargement boxes, and scrollers as insertable components alongside your CSS, HTML, and whatever!
Vertical, Horizontal, Grids! Many layouts available and more to come!
Full Page
Our widget have responsiveness in mind, so enlarging windows and full screen web pages are a breeze.
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