CMCM is a simple sexy content manager for designers, built with PHP and Javascript, and a database-less storage tactic--A JSON-based content manager. It allows you to drag and drop the files to and from any directory on your server without having to migrate any other dependencies (such as SQL/ database structures). The goal was to make a manager that is transparent, flexible, and transportable. As long as your server has PHP, it should work on any server.

Frunt is the Front end counterpart to CMCM, included as a subcomponent of CMCM. It is a toolkit for developers and template makers to quickly develop dope boy websites. Frunt includes core access methods to your CMCM files, but also useful widgets like menus, slideshows, scrollers, modals, and more. Consider it the bootstrap for cmcm.

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What does CMCM stand for?

CMCM stands for Chris Malcolm's Content Manager. I'm Chris Malcolm, an architect and developer. I made this because I wanted a content manager that I would actually use..something flexible,fully customizable, and easily implemented without having to succumb to designing dreaded template plugins or worse. With CMCM you can decide how much control you want to have with your site,-Use just the backend (CMCM) or use Frunt widgets to quickly create a composition. But no matter what HTML/CSS becomes the main way of designing the front end, which developers want and is great for beginner's to get started!

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Yo that music tho.

During development I had a teaser page where I would update music pretty frequently. A few people have asked about the tracklist so access to that is below, as well as the playlist.

Original Teaser Site (Made for Chrome)

Open Source Credits

Big ups to the following softwares for being free and open. CMCM uses these as assets, and couldn't have been developed without.

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